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Cattle Feeds Articles

Cursed Culinary Cull

IT'S almost funny. Wildlife rescuer bottle-feeds joey, splints his broken bones, restores him to cuddliness and releases him into the bush just in time for Gazza the tattooed, hairy-chested professional roo shooter to harvest him.

Outback And Upmarket

Emu canapes and champagne are on the menu for luxury homestays at remote cattle stations, writes Christina Pfeiffer.

Jeffrey Pettifer Runs 25 Head Of Limousin Cattle At His Farm In Lemon Tree Passage Just North Of Newcastle. And He Runs A $540,000 Super Portfolio From His Pc Using Investment Software - 800 Km From The Nearest Major Financial Centre. Trish ...

JEFFREY PETTIFER runs his own superannuation fund investing in shares and managed funds. He uses Netwealth, an online administration platform, to help with his super fund's reporting and portfolio management responsibilities. Unlike many of the larger platforms in the financial services market, Netwealth lets Mr Pettifer deal directly, without more

The Doctor Who Proved Life Really Can Be A Bed Of Roses

PETER Rigg-Smith has had a deep love of the country since school when he learnt about Banjo Paterson, Henry Lawson and the wheat, wool and cattle industries.

Why They Give A Dam About Irrigation

When floodwaters set the frogs croaking on the Paroo River, in the State's far north-west, local graziers know that fat cattle and fat sheep are on the way. Wetlands fill up, fish and waterbirds burst into life, and rich green pastures relieve the red-dirt poverty of the semi-arid more